Speed test for emergency scenario of the cardiac telemedicine system

Under the TRIANGLE consortium the CAST team had the opportunity to test the whole communication chain, from the hardware to the server over the mobile network and benchmark the system under different conditions. The team measured the communication speed (network latency) between the t-shirt and cloud system, specifically when in motion through the city and with different network loads. These are the relevant KPIs for a secure and reliable e-health application that will effectively intends to help cardiac patients in need. Other relevant KPIs are the reliable 4G communication handoff when the patient is in motion, data corruption of discontinuity of ECG due to this motion, benchmarking and performance of communication speed and network latency maps, measure battery-life. With the testbed provided by TRIANGLE it was possible for the CAST development team to have the system fully tested and validated before its commercialization. Comparative analyses of acquired data enable us to check the Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE) KPIs that the users of our wearable solution can expect.

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Participation on ESC Congress 2017

One of the biggest events in the world about cardiology is almost starting and our medical partner (UniC) will be there!

We are talking about ESC Congress, the world’s largest cardiovascular congress with over 500 experts sessions and more than 4500 abstracts contributing to the advancement of cardiovascular medicine worldwide. The event will be In Barcelona, Spain, between 26 and 30 of August.

Our focus is essentially on giving visibility to the work we are developing and also discussing it with other experts in cardiology. In addition, we will deepen our knowledge essentially in the area of cardiac surgery and Atrial Fibrillation. We also intend to analyze what is being developed on bioinformatics and wearable devices, and understand their applicability to our target group.

Come and find our Portuguese colleagues in Barcelona and join us for profitable discussions!

Check out how far we’ve come in the last 12 months

The Portuguese – German consortium reviews the highlights of the last 12 Months of development

The first anniversary of the CAST project is celebrated in June 2017. In this occasion we take to our team to evaluate the progress achieved and plan future development.In this period we reached the first milestone with the conclusion of the system specifications. The six months followed by this milestone we produced the first validation tests of the embroidered moss ECG sensors and prepared the scientific publication of these results. We have tested several electro-conductive yarns and their properties to assert their value for our requirements, specifications and proposed use-case. We have in this process produced different tests and designs. We have successfully read ECG signals from a healthy volunteer and validated their operation.

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New textile electrode for ECG reading

An innovative textile electrode for ECG reading, with smooth surface and strechable design, was developed by our project partner ITA. Check out this video and keep in touch with us!

Participation on CeBIT

What happened at CEBIT? The CAST project had some team members present in Hannover. IncreaseTime had a stand and Inova DE GmbH representatives also came by. Both partners had the opportunity to present the current status of development and to make some connections for future product development. Here are some of our photos of the event. We will continue to present our development and if you want to be in the loop where we will be present next, register for the newsletter here.




The importance of the CAST Shirt and system and how can it change our life. New milestone was reached.

European project in cardiology for chronic patients

The importance of this product and how can it change our life

The CAST consortium has reached the first milestone of the project by concluding the System Architecture and Requirements. We have now the over hundred requirements defined as specifications for the wearable hardware shirt, the sensors, the communication devices and the web-platform. Technical development has started with the most basic requirements.

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Participation of the CAST Project on CeBIT

The CAST Project will be represented by IncreaseTime and Inova DE on CeBIT which will be held in Hannover, Germany, between 20-24th of March.
We would like to invite you to visit us at stand 41 on Hall 7. We’ll have the first prototype to show you and it will be a pleasure for us to share with you more information about the project.
We’ve one-day tickets to offer to our potential clients and partners. If you are insterested, please complete the form in the Homepage.

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Consortium initiates development of project with wearables in cardiology for chronic patients

Start of European project in cardiology for chronic patients

The European consortium composed by IncreaseTime, Inova DE GmbH, the Institut für Textiltechnik of RWTH Aachen University (ITA) and the Cardiovascular Research and Development Centre of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Porto (UniC) has initiated the CAST project, funded within the framework of the Eurostars Programme. The project has begun June 2016 and it will tackle the vast and growing chronic cardiac patients market with an innovative wearable shirt and telemedicine service.

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